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Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age. Whether you were born D/deaf or lose your hearing later in life there are complex issues that need to be addressed about what it means to have a hearing loss and how it affects you, your family, your job … your life.

Deaf Help Here provides special services to the D/deaf and hard of hearing community. We understand the core values of the Deaf Community and respect the uniqueness of each D/deaf and hard of hearing individual. We offer outpatient mental health services that are culturally sensitive and linguistically accessible allowing thea client to select their communication preference.

With over 25 years of experience in the mental health field, June Walatkiewicz, LMSW, ACSW is a clinical social worker, licensed marriage & family therapist and hearing loss specialist that understands the complex interactions of working with the medical, psychological, social and cultural dynamics of hearing loss. As a child of Deaf parents, she is fluent in American Sign Language and has a full knowledge of the Deaf Culture. Previously, she was recognized as Social Worker of the Year by MI-NASW for her work with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 



Marriage Sessions 

Family Sessions

Individual Sessions 

Video Therapy

Social Skills Groups

Youth & Adult Sessions


CODA  - Children of Deaf Adults
 Specialize services to hearing children who may need help adjusting or handling issues with their deaf parents. Providing counseling to Deaf parents with parenting problems with their hearing children.

PTSD  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When you have gone through an extremely traumatic event, you may develop symptoms that affect your life and others.  

Anxiety disorders

This is a condition that can serious affect one's life, work and relationships.  Many with anxiety disorders will avoid certain situations and keeps a person from enjoying their life.

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